Hello and many greetings 
nice to have you here! 

at The moment I am hosting unguided life drawing sessions but as I teach as well I am working on my guided classes, workshops etc. it will be updated very soon and in person classes will start in Spring 2022 in the Asheville / Waynesville NC area 

Please notice that i speak 3 languages. My 1st language is German, my 2nd is English and my 3rd is Spanish. If there is the need to translate thigs I say to German or Spanish, please be so kind to let me know (even during a session/ I can adapt). The unguided sessions are in English but for groups I am able to give classes just in German or Spanish too. If it includes Art History it is not that easy to switch the languages simultaneously because of all the specific terminology. I can do that, but i need to know that ahead :) Thank you! 

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