Emily & Judith
Hello and many greetings

This is just a small information about the sessions I create with Emily Metalskin.

As Emily and I have a special dynamic for our sessions and it's very hard to press all our creative energy in a 2 hour session, we might occasionally go in overtime and a 2 hour session ends up being a 3 hour session or so. That's very hard to predict. 
Most of you know that. But please understand that if you can not stay till the end, that we are not obligated or that it can not be expected that we send out screenshots for what was missed. We see all what is over 2 hours as an Encore (extra gift). Most of the sessions are announced as 2 hour sessions and the poses and creativity that you get in those 2 hours we personally see as our service and obligation to the artist.
The ticket is for a 2 hour session and all after that is a gift that can be accepted or not!

Thank you very much for your understanding! 

December 11 /2021

December 31 / 2021 (as part of the marathon)

January 02/2022

January 29/2022

January 29/2022

Recorded Sessions HERE