Hello and many greetings 
This page is here in case you would like to support me
with the

feeding and veterinarian care of the feral cats
at this location ! 


We moved here to the place we live in 3 years ago. 
With the house came a colony of cats and a very close and huge storage unite that comes with abandoned cats. 

One of the local Spay/Neuter and Feeding groups took care of this colony for many years, but since COVID it did not work anymore, so I took over. 
I am feeding and supporting these cats now since some years and I take the dumped and injured cats in.
People who know me a bit, know that I was heavily active in animal rescue for many years.

I did foster many cats and dogs and helped to get them adopted as well in collaboration with rescue groups in Europe.

If you would like to support me with the cats
you are most welcome to donate here